Study in USA

Without doubt, USA is the leader in world education. A history of strong research and availability of multiple sources of funding have helped the universities in USA top the world rankings. This makes them particularly attractive to international students when they evaluate their options after deciding to study abroad. More than 30 of the top universities in the world are from the US.

Popular programs that Indian students typically opt for to study in USA are :

  • M.S (Master of Science)
  • M.B.A (Master in Business Administration)
  • M.D (Doctor of Medicine)
  • M.A (Master of Arts)
  • B.S (Bachelor of Science)
  • B.A (Bachelor of Arts)

Selection criteria

Most Universities have their own selection criteria for admitting students for various courses. They require GRE scores for Post graduate studies and GMAT or GRE scores for Management programs. Undergraduate programs require SAT scores. Each university sets a cut-off mark for its students to study in USA below which it might refuse admissions.

They also require candidates to have given TOEFL and their TOEFL scores should be above a certain minimum cut-off mark which varies depending on the level of English proficiency required for the course.

Top Universities to study in USA

  1. Harvard University…Cambridge, MA
  2. Princeton University…Princeton, NJ
  3. Yale University…New Haven, CT
  4. Columbia University…New York, NY
  5. Stanford University…Stanford, CA
  6. University of Pennsylvania…Philadelphia, PA
  7. California Institute of Technology…Pasadena,CA
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology…Cambridge, MA
  9. University of Chicago…Illinois, IL
  10. Dartmouth College…Hanover, NH